Making changes one step at a time..

I struggle a lot with self identity lately. Well I think I’ve always struggled with it. But there are certainly a lot more times in the recent months where I struggle. Decided I needed a change so I got my hair cut. I hated my style or lack there of so I asked for a layered bob. I kinda wanted a messy looking, free cut & I am pleased with it. What do you think? (The whole two people who might actually be reading this..)

It’s amazing how something so simple as a haircut can make you experience a feeling of freedom. Or even just like a moment of control over your own life. Plus the gifts to your own self esteem are priceless. I am taking small steps to improve my life, improve my view of my life & the general feeling that I have of my life.

Most people who know me might be surprised that I struggle so much. I think some would assume I am happy-go-lucky, carefree. I have my moments of that, but I have to say I am not that most of the time. I am constantly at battle with the parts of me that lie in the darkness. I know that without the darkness there can be no recognition of the light. I am very much a yin/yang. A day by day journey of finding balance. & that is a journey in itself. I am working on making myself what I want to be.

I’m taking the steps to go further my education. I plan on getting more in depth on that front in the next few months. All will be laid out on the table & I will be expressing myself in this journey with a complete & candid honesty that for a long time, scared me, but instead.. I’m hoping it will inspire others who might be where I am. No worries, that will be all revealed soon. Stay tuned for that.

Point is.. make those steps in you want in the direction of change. It couldn’t tiny or big. It could be changing jobs, or moving… or something as simple as a haircut.

The choice is yours. & enjoy the journey.

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