The Leslie Lineup (new weekly feature!)

I decided I need a good inspiration to try to post at least once a week (& more if I can manage it) so I came up with “The Leslie Lineup”, a weekly list of things I’m doing, feeling, etc. Hoping you will enjoy this new feature!

➜ workflow; Looking forward to a day off on Monday after a wild & crazy Back 2 School Tax Free weekend at work. I was efficiently screamed at for doing my job & constantly moving. I’m pretty sure I got my steps in this weekend. Though I’ll be dealing with my car repair as well. Still going to sleep in as long as I can!

➜ reading; I Do It With The Lights On by Whitney Way Thore (I don’t have a ton of time to read, so this is mostly happening in the bathroom.

➜ watching; Tons of paranormal shows (The Dead Files, Haunted Things, Ghost Adventures, These Woods Are Haunted, My Haunted House, A Haunting, etc), Law & Order: SVU, Criminal Minds

➜ loving; Diet Dr. Pepper, getting Japanese food via Bite Squad, snuggles with my husband, not being in a show for a while, organizing & making my personal spaces more zen, meditation, tea, having health insurance

 ➜ disliking; Still being on antibiotics for the bump that won’t go away, the bald spot that bump has left behind, insomnia, bouts of loneliness, having not been on a Disney day for a while, my car needing to be repaired again, not having enough money, clutter

➜ listening; Enigma, meditation music, chakra music, The Craft soundtrack

➜ craving; potato leek soup from Biergarten at Epcot, dole whips, Publix cheesecake, Angry Orchard Rose (can’t drink ’til I’m done with my antibiotics *sadface*), fresh flowers

➜ eating; cottage cheese, california rolls, tomato sandwiches, shrimp anything

➜ drinking; tea

 ➜ optimistic for; getting a new car in the next few months, getting my schooling in order so I can be a CNA or MA, bowling party for work, preparing for Halloween & Christmas, getting a primary care provider to get pain under control, hopefully seeing my person soon, kids starting back at school

➜ I need; my bump to finally go away, to sleep in tomorrow, to have my car up & running again, to be more active on this blog, painkillers, more meditation, yoga

➜ feeling; relieved that my car will be fixed, excited to be off Monday & Wednesday, lonely, chronic pain, ready for a nap next week, annoyed my oldest son is screaming at his computer at 1:30 am in the morning (are his online friends hard of hearing??)

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