Wellness Wednesday (My Top 5 Favorite Wellness Activities!)

I’m going to try & be posting something daily, so I gathered some inspiration for daily blog ideas & themes. I’ll also have my real blog posts, but this is something I want to get into the habit of doing, expand on & share things that mean a lot to me.

Wellness is something I’m putting in the forefront of my life. I grew tired of years of feeling MEH & unhealthy so I started making changes last year. I hope to continue improving myself on all levels & getting strength & health along the way. So… here is my #WellnessWednesday Top 5 Favorite Wellness Activities!

1. Meditation; In the last year I was introduced to a place I could go & have guided meditations. I now try to go once a week if possible & I even got my husband into it. (He has gone more than I have due to schedules recently! & my daughter joined last time & can’t wait to go again!) For $11/session, I get to rejuvenate my mind, body & spirit. Not only that, but I gained a friend in the process. We usually start with a moment of grounding/prayer, an oracle card reading which we share with the group & then split up for the guided meditation. I usually bring a yoga mat & there are pillows & blankets to use. New people & those with health issues are given first dibs on the two comfy beds in the place. Then we are guided through the meditation. There is no wrong or right way to do it. I am sometimes aware, I am sometimes off somewhere else or even fall asleep. But I leave feeling a new sense of energy that helps get me through the week. If you are ever in the Central Florida area, I highly recommend my friend Marchelle & her place, “Into The Mystic” in Sebastian, FL.

You can also do meditation on your own. There are a lot of resources. It can be done anywhere. I tend to do my own before falling asleep or I go to the beach & just listen to the sound of the waves with controlled breathing & relaxation. Find something that works for you!

2. Coloring; 

Adult coloring books have gotten increasingly popular in the last few years. I didn’t jump on the bandwagon at first. However, when I did, I absolutely loved it. I have quite the collection of coloring books now, both adult oriented & even kid ones I get from the Dollar Tree & Five Below. They range in price from $1 to maybe $12 depending on what you are getting. I have Disney, Star Wars, Harry Potter, mandalas, animals. All sorts.

In my experience, I find it really relaxing to do. As a creative person, it allows me to be expressive within the confines of a simple activity. Helps me focus, brings stress levels down & is just down right fun. I think I’ll be using coloring books for the rest of my life as a part of self care.

3. Sleeping in/naps;  With my work schedule, I usually end up having Wednesday off on a weekly basis. My favorite part of that is being able to sleep in & wake up naturally without an alarm. You know how it is, the daily workflow grind can really cause your mind, body & spirit to get out of whack. There is nothing better than slowly waking up in a peaceful manner. This has become easier now that my younger kids are in school (& I have an amazing husband who handles the morning stuff with them, which allows me to sleep undisturbed on my day off) & the house is relatively peaceful.

Naps are also amazing ways to self care. A quick way to rejuvenate, get a little burst of energy. I do find that it needs to be about an hour long, for myself at least. If not then I usually feel groggier when I wake up. I find the hour to be a good power nap.

4. Walking/Jogging/Running; 

I’m not a big “be in the sun” type of person even though I’m training for a 5k at Disney World in February. I do enjoy talking walks at a local nature sanctuary called Turkey Creek & when I get to go, it’s really relaxing to be out in nature. I love the nature part, not the Florida humidity part.

However, walking/jogging/running, while tiring, can give you a great boost of energy at the end. Getting the muscles moving, blood pumping & of course, a sense of accomplishment! If you are like me, dealing with some medical issues & just getting into the workout game, try talking a walk once a day. Or just do it on your #WellnessWednesday to get started. It gets easier over time & it can be enjoyable listening to music, or nature or even with a friend.

In my training, I am doing interval running. Basically I warm up with brisk walking, then run for a minute, walk for a few minutes, then repeat. I’m building stamina. At first I thought I was going to die. & it is hard, but the sense of accomplishment when I finish a run is amazing. I sleep better too. Just remember to stay hydrated!

5. Tea Time; I absolutely love tea & having a tea time is a great way to spend a #WellnessWednesday. I have so many different kinds of teas. I really love the loose leaf teas. We have an amazing British shoppe in our town that carries all sorts of teas & tea items/accessories.

So unwind with a book, have some tea & snuggle in some blankets & pillows. Have tea with a friend & enjoy some cookies with it. Drink tea before bed to help you sleep.

I hope this list gave you some ideas for #WellnessWednesday. Self care is not selfish! Practicing self care is a great tool to stay or become healthier & happier. Have a great Wednesday!