It’s me again, Leslie. Here is a little about me in a nutshell.

I am 39. I used to be not okay with being over 29 but now 40 is around the corner & I am trying to be okay with who I am. I sometimes feel like a big failure on the career front because I focused so many years being a mom (still am!) that professionally/educationally I am pretty stunted. It doesn’t help I’m still feeling uncertain about it all. For now I am hoping to get my CNA certification to take a step towards becoming a nurse. I have a lot of stuff to get done & situated with before that. I suppose I’m doing my best.

I’ve been married for 6 years. (7 in November!) I’ve been with my husband for over 12. We plan on having a vow renewal at Disney World for our 10 year anniversary. He drives me nuts. I drive him nuts. We make it work.

I have 4 kids. One is an adult. One is almost a teenager. One is in Heaven. One is nonverbal autistic. Yeah, it’s quite a story. I am sure more will come out as I write.

I’m obsessed with Disney, particularly Haunted Mansion & all sorts of Minnie Ears. I love Japanese buffets, diet sweet tea, tomato sandwiches & being left alone. I am also very active in community theater. Keeps me sane.

This page is under construction while I figure out more interesting things to say/show about myself.

Last updated on 06/07/19